Cerrado Manifesto
Statement of Support

Join global FMCG companies to halt deforestation and incentivise sustainable land management

The FAIRR Initiative

The FAIRR Initiative is an innovative peer network for institutional investors, launched by private equity pioneer, Jeremy Coller. Our investor-led initiative is harnessing the power of capital markets to transform the global production of protein. We work with over 200 institutional investors managing $23 trillion of assets to use their influence to build a sustainable global food system.

“Globally, deforestation puts almost a trillion dollars of listed equity turnover at risk and that makes the rapid pace of native vegetation loss in Cerrado a material concern for investors.”

Jeremy Coller, Founder of the FAIRR Initiative and CIO of Coller Capital

FAIRR is particularly concerned about the deforestation risks inherent in protein supply chains and the general lack of progress and disclosure from global producers. In 2019, we released the second Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, an assessment of how 60 global livestock and aquaculture companies disclose and manage key ESG risks, including deforestation and biodiversity loss. Our assessment found that despite soy and cattle being the most significant drivers of deforestation, none of the land-based protein companies in our Index – suppliers to some of the biggest food brands in the world – have policies to address or mitigate deforestation risks that covers all regions where soy and/or cattle are sourced.

We are keen to drive greater engagement and stewardship from institutional investors on this issue, and consider initiatives such as the Statement of Support as valuable and necessary tools to build sustainable food systems. To that end, we believe it is critical that investors join market-facing companies to demonstrate to agricultural producers operating in the Cerrado that there is market and capital support for zero-deforestation soy and cattle production.

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